Notable Trees in Fovant

ASH(Fraxinus excelsior)

Mountain Ash (go to Rowan)

Ash Dieback(Chalara fraxinea)

A regular watch is being kept for any sign of this disease in Fovant or nearby and so far there is no sign but if anyone sees anything they suspect, please contact me.

Field Ash (SU00083 27067)

Near footpath up to Compton Down. Pictures taken on 27 September 2014. A fine old tree with homes for wild life in the roots and branches. Measured on 21 June, 2016 and the girth was 3.90m.

Weeping Ash (SU00042900) (Click on grid reference to see where it once stood)

This picture of a Weeping Ash is in the archives of the Fovant History Interest Group. It was one of five planted in a line behind the hedge parallel with Tisbury Road by Stephen Brown in 1855. At that time there were no watercress beds. The stream just meandered through the fields. The Ash pictured below was felled unexpectedly in 1985.

Ash (SU00312890) (Click on grid reference to see exact position)

This tree belongs to Gordon Norris and is near the Village Hall. Because it is so large, he has been cutting it back each year. Despite this drastic pruning it is thriving although some major branches have died but are providing a home and food for a variety of creatures - see holes in photo taken in July 2013. There are bees living in the hollow at the base of the tree.