Notable Trees in Fovant

Cherry - (Prunus Hisakura Kanzan)

According to the Clay Papers Index held by the Fovant History Interest Group, fifty two standard flowering cherry trees were purchased by the Coronation Committee in 1953 and were planted on 13 November that year in suitable places in gardens and by the roadside to enhance the village.

Unfortunately, the actual sites where these were planted do not appear to have been recorded and they were not marked in any way. 1953 is such a long time ago that there are few who remain who remember. It is likely that most of these trees have died. Betty Harte who ran the Post Office for 50 years until 2011 fondly remembers the days when the High Street was covered with pink blossom in the Spring.

The following trees may be some of the original trees planted for the Coronation but it is difficult to be certain. If you know of any other trees that could have been planted then, please contact me.

Truckles, High Street

SU00482873 Photographed on 22 April 2011.

Gino, the present owner of this house has only lived here for five years but Ann Earle of Medland Cottage opposite believes that this tree is one of the remaining original cherry trees and it does have pink blossom and Ann Harris also remembers this tree.

East Farm

Photographed on 17 January 2012.

Edward Williams, the farmer, confirms that several cherries were planted near the cricket pitch (probably six) to celebrate the Coronation. Three had died and the rest were covered with ivy at the time of the planting of the oak for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. An effort was made to remove the ivy but - too late! In the heavy rains and strong winds of the winter 2013/14, all three succombed. Although the ivy had been cut through around the trunk, the additional weight of the ivy and the new spring foliage made the last of the three top heavy and there are now no cherry trees on the cricket pitch.

Cherry below photographed May 2014

The following trees were planted but have now died:

The Croft, Tisbury Road
Liz Harden confirmed that they had a tree but it died some time ago. She and her daughter took cuttings but they did not grow true to type.

Post Office, High Street
Betty Harte who ran the Post Office for 50 years until 2011 confirmed that they had a tree but it died.

Highfields, Dinton Road
Bunty Caverhill was told by John Awdry that the tree she had was one of those planted. It died about 10 years ago.

Westway, High Street
Just a stump remains of this cherry tree.

The following trees are also possible 'Coronation' trees:

Ann Harris of West Farm remembers trees being planted in the following sites:

Waterfall on the A30
On the west side and on the east side of the first bungalow near where there once was a bus shelter.

Cherry Tree House
On the east side

Manor House, Church Lane
Opposite the house by the Pump House

Cherry Lea, Dinton Road
On the east side

The Elms
Liz Harden who with her husband keeps the records of the Fovant History Interest Group believes that trees were planted here.

15 Poplar Close

Marian Korper can see an old cherry tree in the garden of this property and wonders whether this could be one. Poplar Close replaced the Poplars pub which existed here at the time of the Coronation so a tree may well have been planted in the garden but this tree has white blossom.