Notable Trees in Fovant

Trees to commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee

1. Jubilee 'Diamond' Tree planted in Fovant on Sunday 24th March 2013

Sixty years ago members of Fovant Silver Band marched down Fovant High Street and along the A30 to East Farm and played at the village celebration of the Queen's Coronation held on the cricket pitch at East Farm.

Fovant Band - Sixty years of the Queen's reign

Since 1953 Fovant Band has amalgamated with Shaftesbury Town Silver Band but, because of this close historical connection, the village wanted to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee with the Band so they came to play once again on the cricket pitch at East Farm.

As recorded by the Fovant History Group, the weather on Coronation Day 'was bitterly cold - as cold as an average day in winter'. The weather on Sunday 24th March 2013 was said to be one of the coldest days in March for fifty years with the temperature below freezing and a strong north easterly wind. Two inches of snow had fallen in Fovant the Sunday before.

The tree was delivered a few days in advance. Darren Potter, a Parish Councillor dug the hole and staked the tree with supervision from others in preparation for the ceremonial planting.

Despite the bitter cold and strong wind, the tent went up and the band arrived.

The Lord Lieutenant, Mrs Sarah Troughton, the Queen's representative in Wiltshire, duly arrived to plant the English Oak and was presented with a bouquet by Jodie Haskins aged six.

The Reverend Kate Fergusson blessed the tree, expressing the hope that generations to come would remember the day it was planted to celebrate the Queen's reign and would protect and preserve it. James Nuttall aged nine who lives in the village played the National Anthem on his trumpet.

Then the band played on stoically, while the Lord Lieutenant was introduced to as many people as possible. When introduced to Mr Peter Wyatt, who was living in Fovant at the time of the Coronation, she asked him if he remembered it. "Yes, certainly" he said,"that was the year I was married!" "Well" she replied, "that was a particularly important year for me, because that was the year I was born!"

A gathering of over sixty local people, including a few who remembered the Coronation, attended the event, and Andy Havard, Chairman of the Parish Council, welcomed everyone.

When someone remarked "What a shame about the freezing weather". The reply was "But we're British!"
Hot drinks and refreshments were served afterwards from the cricket pavilion.

    Behind the scenes...

Nigel Knowles
Fovant Parish Councillor
Darren Potter
Fovant Parish Councillor
Mary Lee
Her father, her husband, her brother and her son played in the Fovant Band.
Her great granddaughter presented the bouquet.
Ray Humphries
Manager of Shaftesbury Silver Band
Jon McLean
Our official photographer
Jenny Bickerton
Fovant Tree Warden

2. Acer griseum at Clays Orchard, Fovant - Sunday 25 November 2012
A tree was also planted in the grounds of Clays Orchard by Adam Diomede of Landford Trees. The planting took place during National Tree Week and, despite the wet weather, there was a good turnout to watch the hole being dug and the Acer griseum being planted. A plaque was placed by the tree to record this historical event.

The Acer is a small, spreading, deciduous tree with attractive peeling, papery chestnut-brown bark. It has leaves which turn brilliant red and orange in autumn and will eventually reach a height of 8-12 metres, spreading 4 - 8 metres in 20-50 years.

Andy Havard, Chairman of the Parish Council, made a short speech and everyone was grateful for the invitation to a cup of tea afterwards at Clays Orchard.


Eloise Gevaux, aged two, is pictured admiring the new tree. She is the daughter of Steve Gevaux, the Manager of Clays Orchard.

The following people attended the planting:

Bill and Kathy Gevaux
Steve Gevaux and Eloise (aged 2)
Judy Snowdon
Felicty Pinder
Les Law
Morag Pearce
Helen Nield
John Nield
Betty Beer
Patrick and Felicity Fairbrother
Anthea Targett
Andy Havard (Chairman of the Parish Council) and Callum Havard(aged 9)
Peter Wyatt
Roger Bickerton
Jenny Bickerton (Tree Warden)
Kate Fergusson
Nigel Knowles (Parish Councillor)
Trudy Law (Parish Councillor)