Notable Trees in Fovant


Horse Chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum)

Avenue of horse chestnuts opposite the cricket pitch near East Farm
SU0105828421 (Click on the grid reference to see exact position)

All these trees suffer from leaf miner. The trees were originally planted alternately with red and white candles by Edward's father, John Williams.

The fungi shown below were found on the dead tree shown in the photo on the left in December 2011.

The fact that the tree had both fungi would suggest that the tree initially had an infection of Chondrostereum and was strained enough for Armillaria Honey fungus to have got in to finish the tree off.

The tree was removed in January 2012 which may help prevent the spread of honey fungus to the other trees nearby.

honey fungus Chondrostereum
However, there appears to be some bleeding canker on the tree next to the one which has been removed which could mean that another tree may be doomed shortly. bleeding canker