Notable Trees in Fovant

Field Maple (Acer campestre)
(Click on the grid reference to see exact position)

On Saturday 3 December 2011 a Field Maple was planted in the grounds of Clays Orchard to celebrate the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. A Field Maple was chosen as these lined the aisle of Westminster Abbey during the wedding service.

Several residents of Clays Orchard, a few people from the village and three Parish Councillors attended - Nigel Knowles, Trudy Law and Darren Potter. Darren gave a short speech mentioning the fact that it was National Tree Week. The first hole that was dug uncovered water pipes and an old bucket! This was filled in and another hole was made slightly further away. Steven Gevaux, the Neighbourhood Manager for Fovant, is shown completing the planting.

The tree was purchased by the Parish Council and a plaque has been placed at the base so that people will remember why it was planted. An area of approximately a metre square has been cleared round the tree to try and prevent damage being caused by mowing too close to the trunk which may have caused the death of one of the rowan trees which was planted for the millennium nearby.